Kidney cleanse
Kidney cleanse

A kidney cleanse is quite simply a detoxification of the kidneys. If you have ever been plagued by kidney stone these types of cleanses will reportedly dissolve them and flush out the tissues of the kidneys.

As some kidney stones are more stubborn than others it may take days to months to get them to dissolve. Stones are formed by the crystals that accumulate inside the kidneys. The medical term for kidney stones is nephrolithiasis. The components that make up kidney stones consist of salts such as uric acid, cystines, xanthines, and/or calcium oxalates. Due to factors such as dehydration, which comes from not drinking enough liquids, and high levels of these salts they become more concentrated. If the levels elevate to the point of not being able to dissolve on their own kidney stones will develop.

One way to engage in a kidney cleanse is with the use of watermelons. Several large watermelons eaten throughout the course of a day will help to make you urinate more easily as watermelon is made up of mostly water. Large amounts of liquid will also accomplish this task. These two methods of hydrating your body will force you to urinate many times throughout the day.

Another common method in a kidney cleanse is a juice fast. You will want to use vegetable juice for this fast. If you have a significant amount of pain such as in the lower back you will want to incorporate herbs into the mix. Some herbs that are used in a kidney cleanse are ginger, marshmallow root, parsley, hydrangea, goldenrod, lemons, corn silk tea and/or gravel root.

To prevent developing kidney stones to begin with you should drink half of your body weight in glasses of water. You should also take a magnesium and vitamin B6 supplement on a daily basis. Without adequate fluid intake your body has to work hard at digesting its food. Without adequate liquid intake you will be more prone to develop gas, constipation, cramping, and/or a feeling of being bloated.

Some notable signs and symptoms will signal if you have any kidney stones. Pain, swelling, and blood-tinged urine are all signs and symptoms that point to kidney stones. The pain that will most likely signal that you have a stone is low back pain. This pain can be excruciating at times.

As with everything else prevention is the best medicine. If you are apt to get kidney stones stay away from caffeine and their products that contain them. Eating less red meat, increasing your fiber intake, decreasing your salt consumption, and avoidance of nuts, chocolate, and dark green vegetables will all help in the formation of kidney stones.

Be healthy and cleanse your kidneys approximately twice a year. The above measures will help you to accomplish this in order to be kidney stone free.


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