Mountain Biking Accessories
Mountain Biking Accessories

When you first start out with mountain biking, it
can be a bit overwhelming when you walk into a bike
store to buy your first mountain bike and see all
of the available accessories you'll need when you
first start riding.

There are several mountain biking accessories and
related products that you can purchase. Although
the sales staff will try to sell you anything they
can, the real question for those on a budget isn't
what's cool, but what accessories you need to make
your rides more safe and enjoyable. By starting
with these accessories, you'll be just fine when you
hit the trails.

Bike helmet
The bike helmet is the most important mountain biking
accessory that you can buy. No one should ever be
on a bike without a helmet. There have been many
people who have experienced serious head injury, when
it could have prevented by wearing a helmet. All
mountain bike helmets are comfortable and stylish and
everyone who rides on the trails wears one.

Mountain bike gloves
No matter what season you ride in, your hands can
take a beating. Beginners will normally keep a death
grip on the handle bars, which can be very brutal for
their hands. When you crash, your hands will be the
first thing to hit the ground - and everyone crashes
at some point. Mountain bike gloves are a must have
accessory, as they will take the beating for you.

Mountain bike shorts
After the first few mountain bike rides you take, you'll
notice that your rear end will be quite uncomfortable.
Even though your body will adjust, bike shorts are
great to have as they will help keep it at a bare
minimum. You can get shorts that are very comfortable,
making them a great addition to your mountain bike

Mountain bike shoes
Depending on the type of pedals you have and the type
of riding you do, you'll want to pick your mountain bike
shoes accordingly. If your bike has clipless type
pedals, you'll want to get shoes to accept the special
cleat for your pedals. Good mountain bike shoes are
durable, comfortable, and also a stiff sole for better
efficiency when pedaling. Also, you should make sure
to get the right shoe for the terrain you'll be riding
in as well.

Eye protection
If you get something in your eye, you can run off the
trail in a matter of seconds. Sunglasses or clear lensed
glasses can help keep your eyes safe from debris, as well
as protect them from the wind. When you buy your glasses,
make sure they are non-breakable.

Hydration system
Bringing a water bottle or hydration backpack with you is
always a great idea. It's very easy to get dehydrated so
you should always bring water with you and drink it on
the trail to ensure that your body stays properly hydrated
at all times.

Trail repair kit
It's easy to get stuck in the woods or on the trail if you
don't bring the proper repair kit for your bike. To be
on the safe side, bring a multi-tool designed for bike
repair, tire levers, and a patch kit for fixing flat

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