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The Not-so-Good Side of Voip Service

Humans are superior beings. They are never satisfied with what they already have; if the situation permits, they always want to make a change. And this is the very reason why many new technologies are emerging in the market.

And whenever a new technology is introduced, the advantages are always given much attention. In almost every situation, the good side is always given considerable attention. But this should not be the case. Looking at disadvantages of new technologies is one way to improving it.

Have you heard about VoIP? This is also called voice over IP (internet protocol). If you're using an internet service, then you've probably heard about this already. VoIP is used to send voice information through the internet so that you can make and receive calls. This system is very much different from the way telephone networks work. And since VoIP makes use of the internet, it costs less and does not charge tolls like the traditional phone service.

Although many people are now using this new technology, and benefiting from it greatly, there are those who want to stick with their traditional telephone sets. And this is because of the disadvantages that they never fail to see.

VoIP is a great technology, even the telecommunications industry is quite threatened by it. But since VoIP is still new, there are some drawbacks that make people think twice before they finally decide to convert.

One major issue is sound quality. Not all households and small businesses can afford a highly efficient internet connection or good equipment. If they settle for cheap ones, they will not get the best sound quality that they are expecting. Remember, you need a broadband or a fast internet connection (cable/DSL) in order to achieve good sound quality. But with the different unexpected conditions in this world, there is no guarantee.

Sound quality is affected because of the following reasons:

- How VoIP works; in order to transmit voice information through the internet, your voice will be converted into packets. These packets will be transmitted to the call recipient in sequential order. There are times when it arrives jumbled and so the system will have to re-assemble the entire data by following the packet's number to figure out what the call is about, and this is rather time consuming. While re-assembling the data, the recipient can't receive the call in real time, and there are seconds of silence.
- Latency issues; bandwidth is a very important element in order to deliver the call without significant delay. As providers figure out ways to lessen bandwidth requirements through compression algorithms, another problem surfaces
- Compression consumes processing power, therefore, the sound quality is greatly affected; some have problems with regards to echoes. Though the echoes can be filtered, this will again need added processing power. This is great problem with computer-based voice over IP. But if you have a VoIP phone, you will not worry about processing power, but this phone is more costly than a regular telephone set.

Other disadvantages include:

- Practicality issues; VoIP computer-based systems requires you to have a computer; the computer should always be running as well as the software which adds up to your electric bills; you can't use VoIP when there is a blackout; without an internet connection, you can't use VoIP
- Another issue is emergency calling; when you make an emergency call using VoIP and dial 911, your call can't be easily traced but now there is the so-called e911 but not all VoIP providers have this particular feature, so do check if your provider has it

Before making a VoIP investment, make sure that you check for its disadvantages. Don't plunge in blindly. Applications that are web based does not necessarily mean that they promise optimum quality and satisfaction.

Although the voice over IP promises a lot of advantages for consumers and businesses, it also holds some major disadvantages that should not be overlooked.
If having a voice over IP will cut down your telephone bills, but will increase your other monthly bills, then perhaps it's better to stay with a traditional phone.

Consider all your calling needs, and don't forget other important matters like your budget. Usually, VoIP have a wide range of plans, and some are rather pricey. Evaluate first all your needs and then you decide.

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