The Art of Knitting
The Art of Knitting

Knitting in always associated with arrival of a new born. The sight of a pregnant mother, knitting small sweaters for her child is a well known scene for many. It is said that when you knit a sweater or a scarf with your own hands, and gift it to your loved ones, it signifies the concern and love that you feel towards them.

During ancient times it was compulsory for all young women to be acquainted with the art of knitting. But due to the invention of knitting machines, it became more of a recreational activity.

Knitting, literary means the method by which a thread or a yarn is weaved to prepare a cloth. Thread loops which hold together al the threads is known as stitches. These loops or stitches are pulled through each other. The two stitching needles hold the active loops until a new loop is put through them.

Although knitting by using machines belongs to the contemporary times, the art has its roots, in the ancient Egypt civilization. During an excavation in Egypt a beautifully knitted cotton sock was found, which dates to the later half of the first millennium AD. The first Commercial application of knitting was done in Paris in the year 1527, when the first knitting trade guild was started.

Immediately after the invention of the knitting machine, hand knitting lost its importance. But recent study shows that at the turn of the 21st century, this art has regained its position and is the rage with the people inn the metros. To knit the woolen threads into cloth, two knitting needles are used.

These needles are available in a wide variety, ranging from bamboo needles, glass needles, circular knitting needles and so on. The type of the needles decides the distance between two stitches. Hence by using different types of needles knitters can create variations in their product.

As the needles vary in their size and types so does the type of yarn. The two basic types of yarn are the S-twisted yarn and the Z-twisted yarn. Though many knitters use yarns in not more than single color, variations can be created by using different colored yarns. To increase the durability of the knitted product, a single thread of synthetic yarn combined with pure wool is used. This not only increases the durability, but produces a product that need low maintenance than a pure woolen product.

Once the knitters are well aquatinted with the different types of stitches like stockinet, purl, garter and so on. He can add some decorations to his knitted product, to improve the wear and look of the fabric. Bobbles, sequins, beads etc compliment the beauty of a knitted object. Embroidery and applique work can also be done to give the object a professional touch.

If the embroidery on an object resembles knitting, then it is known as Swiss darning. Colored beans, leaves, flowers etc can be added to the final product to increase its beauty. These objects can be knitted into the garment using applique work.

Knitting enthusiasts can work magic using different types of stitches, textures, yarns and decorations, once they are well rehearsed with the basics. Knitting is an art that requires imagination and creativity. After learning the basics, it is your enthusiasm and creativity that guides your way in the beautiful world of knitting.

Hence the beginner who are learning the art of knitting, should keep their scope for imagination wide, to absorb the beautiful world outside.

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