HD Based Video Cameras
HD Based Video Cameras

HD, or high definition, is creating quite a lot of
interest, due to some very high spirited campaigning
done by the cable networks wanting you to buy HD
boxes to watch HD on television. What you may not
be aware of, is the fact that HD is delivered in
a widescreen format of 16:9 instead of the normal
television format of 4:3.

The average everyday customer has every right to be
confused as to what HD really and truly is, as most
companies involved with it can't agree on one simple
standard. The standard getting the most support
with HD is 1080i, which means a resolution of 1080
interlaced lines or 720 progressive lines. The
television signals in general will give you 525
lines so the increasing quality is dramatic, if
you have the HD gear to watch the video the way it
was meant to be.

Cameras that offer HD are simply the best you can
buy. They are obviously more expensive than digital
cameras, with some models reaching upwards towards
90,000$ and above! These types of cameras are
normally for professionals, as the average working
man would never be able to afford such an expensive
type of HD video camera.

The average HD video cameras will run 800$ and up.
HD cameras offer you the chance to shoot high
definition picures and videos, and send them to
friends or family. You can also save your shoots
to disk or memory card, then take them with you
everywhere you go.

If you've yet to see a HD video camera, you'll
probably find yourself amazed. The zoom offered
with these cameras are amazing, as many can get
above 100X! Shooting up close and personal is
never a problem with HD video cameras.

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