Reasons To Exercise
Reasons To Exercise

Many us need to follow an exercise program, in order
to remain healthy. Below, you'll find several good
reasons why you should start exercising now.

1. Contributes to fat loss
It is well proven from scientific research all over
the world that physical exercise contributes to
weight loss. If you burn more calories than you
consume through nutrition, you'll lose weight. When
you exercise, you burn more calories than when you
don't. It's really simple - the more you exercise,
the more weight or fat you'll lose.

2. Prevent disease
The chances of developing several various diseases
has been proven to decrease when exercising. These
diseases include heart disease, cancer, diabetes,
and the stroke.

Around 4 out of 5 deaths caused by heart disease
and cancer, are linked to factors that include stress
and lack of exercise. We all know that diabetes
increases the chance for heart attacks and strokes.
What this shows, is that many of the risk factors
and diseases caused by not exercising are working
in conjunction to damage your health. To prevent
this from happening, start exercising.

3. Improving disease
Many severe and minor diseases can be improved or
even healed through regular exercise. These even
include the diseases listed above. By following
a regular plan, you can also decrease HDL
cholesterol levels, decrease triglyceride levels,
and decrease your blood pressure as well.

Exercising on a regular basis will also reduce
the risk of prostate cancer for men, breast and
uterine cancer for women, and much more. All of
this is scientifically proven, which is why you
should start exercising today.

4. Enhance your state of mind
Everyone knows from the many scientific studies
that regular exercising will lead to an increased
release of endorphins in the body. These chemicals
will fight depression and make you feel happy. The
body releases these endorphins only 12 minutes
into the workout.

There is another chemical known as serotonin that
is increased during and after a workout. The
increased levels of serotonin in the central nervous
system is associated with feelings of well being
and decreased mental depression. The chemical
can also help you sleep better at night.

5. Enhance your wellness
When you are in great shape and well fit, you'll
have more energy and you'll notice that your overall
mood is improved. You will have experienced that
you can stretch beyond your own limits and you
know that you can do more than you thought possible.

6. Persistence
Exercising regularly will give you more energy,
which can help you be more productive at home and
at work. Exercising can help give your new goals
a sense of purpose and give you something to focus
on and aim for. This can help you increase your
persistence and prevent you from going off track
while you aim for your goal.

7. Social capabilities
After a workout on a regular basis you can boost
your self esteem. This can help you look better
and you'll be more comfortable as well. Exercise
will also help you to become more active and meet
new people, which will prevent you from feeling
isolated and unsupported. Exercise will also
increase your interests in sex, and can help you
to improve your marriage or your partner

After knowing all of these tips and reasons to
exercise, you shouldn't hesitate to get out there
and exercise. You can exercise at home or go out
there and join a gym. There are several different
ways that you can exercise, all you have to do
is select a few that you like. Take a little bit
of time out of your day and start exercising -
you'll feel better than ever before and your body
will thank you.


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