Diesel Versus Gasoline
Diesel Versus Gasoline

A diesel engine will go much farther on a gallon
of fuel that the standard gasoline engine
because of their designs, and due to the higher
energy density of a gallon of diesel fuel. But,
it also takes a bit more oil to manufacture a
gallon of diesel than a gallon of gas, with
the production and refining processes for
diesel producing more gases that trap heat.

Therefore, when you consider the relative merits
of deisel and gas cars, try knocking the MPG
estimates for the diesel car down by 20 percent.
A diesel vehicle will cost you a bit more,
so you'll get more bang for your buck from a
gasoline vehicle.

The nasty rumors you hear about diesel are
true as well - diesel is less refined than gas,
or in other terms it's dirtier. Diesel
vehicles also emit more particulate matter and
NOx, both of which are serious health hazards
and air pollutants. Current diesel engines are
more polluting per each mile they are driven
than gas engines.

Using biodiesel on the other hand, will improve
this situation. If biodiesel is available in
your area, you'll still need to examine
whether a diesel is the right vehicle for you.

When you consider the facts, you have to ask
yourself which models you can afford, what is
the MPG, will engine be succifient for you,
and the number of passengers the vehicle will
accommodate. Then, given your budget, you can
go from there.

There are numerous gas and diesel vehicles
available, all you have to do is decide which
one is right for you. If you research carefully,
you'll have the perfect vehicle for your entire

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