CD Duplication Information
CD Duplication Information

It's important to realize from the start that the
duplication and replication process is the same,
regardless of content, as well as the differences
between the CD duplication and replication process.

The duplication of CDs refers to burned CDs, such
as the CD burner with a personal computer. The
burned audio CDs have playability issues in some CD
players, normally car stereos, portable CD players,
and even older types of CD players.

The duplication of CDs has much faster turn times,
simply because a stamp doesn't need to be made.
The process of duplication can start as soon as the
master is received, where the replication process
doesn't start for 5 - 7 days, during which time a
glass master and stamper must be made.

When done locally with a personal computer, you
can duplicate an audio or data CD in just a couple
of minutes. To duplicate a CD, you must have a
computer with a CD-RW drive. This drive copies
the CD disks, and without one - you simply cannot
copy disks.

If you have a DVD-RW drive, you can copy both DVD
and CD disks. These drives are normally the way
to go, as they can copy virtually anything you
stick in the drive. Once you have your drive,
you'll also need software to copy the disks, which
there are many out there for you to choose from.

With a CD-RW drive, you can copy audio CDs, data
CDs, even make SVCD copies. The disks used for
CD will hold up to 700 MB (MegaBytes) of data, or
up to a little over an hour of music.

With everything CD duplication has to offer you,
its no wonder why it's so popular. If you've
never tried duplication before, you should rush
and get you a CD-RW drive for your computer right
now - as the many uses will simply amaze you.

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