body makeover
body makeover

Is it really possible to make over your body in six days? In six weeks? Or does a body make over take six months?

Well, let's first define what a body makeover really is. For the purposes of this discussion a body makeover is a change in body image, personal style AND a change in body shape or health. The question of how long this will take will be a function of consistent you are in the changes you make to your daily regimen and your dedication to changing your personal style and image.

So - can it be done in six days? Yes - in fact, with professional help it can be done in two days, but most people will need about six weeks to get the whole thing completed. Doing a complete body makeover will increase your confidence, and allow others to see you in a way that wasn't visible before. In other words your outside will now match the great inside that has always been there.

Your first step is to enlist the help of a good and trusted friend. You will need an objective eye of someone who can help you make choices. You will be evaluating your wardrobe, hair cut and color as well as style choices and since you made the decisions before you may need the help of someone else to help make changes.

Next, do a color analysis to figure out what your best colors are. The colors that look best on you will be determined by your hair color and skin color. When you have the right colors in your clothing and makeup people notice how good you look instead of the different style of clothing you may be wearing.

Once you know exactly the colors you will be shopping for and have your friend in tow, make a trip to your closet. Weed out all clothing that doesn't fit your new image or style. Get the clothing out of the back of the closet that hasn't been worn in years. Prune your wardrobe. While this may be a bit painful it will be worth your efforts. Keep all pieces that meet your new criteria and put the old clothes in a bag meant for donation. What does not look good on you may just be the perfect piece for someone else.

Shopping can be done on a budget. Look for sales, go to consignment shops or thrift stores and look for great finds. And, once you are comfortable with the different styles and cuts of clothing, as well as your 'real' size, you can also shop online for some great bargains.

The second half of a complete body makeover is the body. The first half is the image and personal style - the next step is to ensure that the body you are dressing is healthy.

Exercise regularly. You can walk for 30 minutes 5 days a week or anything else that is fun for you - 5 days a week. Be consistent about this. Exercise will tone your body and create more self-confidence. Your new clothes will fit better. You may not drop a size in clothing but your body will be more toned and fit better into the size you now wear.

Watch your nutrition. Eating a healthier diet will create an overall healthier new you. We really are what we eat - so the vitamins, nutrients, minerals and antioxidants we get from our foods really does feed our skin, organ systems and brain. If we are feeding our body junk food we'll only feel like junk. The occasional ice cream sundae or fast food hamburger isn't going to make a significant difference if the majority of the food consists of vegetables, fruits and non-processed meals.

Take excellent care of your skin. The skin is the largest organ in the body and is your presentation to the world. It speaks volumes about your health and wellness too. If your skin is dry invest in a good moisturizer. Cleanse it every night. Invest in quality makeup if you are a woman and a great razor if you're a guy.

Take care of your nails. A well cut manicure (can be done at home) will make a vast difference in your perception from others. Well kept nails sends an image of being clean and that you care for yourself. Both men and women would benefit from the pedicure and manicure every couple of weeks.

Now that you have the clothes, color analysis and are taking care of your body and health it's time to address the hair. Seek out the advice of a top hair stylist - even if for only the first cut. Listen to their advice about cut and color. Choosing a color that is close to your own natural color will make you look vibrant and youthful while still looking natural.

Women - remember that less is more when it comes to makeup. A woman with a great complexion doesn't require much time in front of the mirror. Focus on accentuating your strengths and playing down your weaknesses. You may want to seek the advice of a makeup artist at a high end department store for advice about contouring and shading. They can also help with color choices for your eye shadow and mascara.

All of these pieces of the puzzle are necessary when it comes to a complete body make over. And, while they might be started within a two day period with a professional it is the consistency over time that makes a real difference in how your image will be perceived by friends and family.

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